Social media really is a problem, isn’t it?

Oh, there’s no doubt it works. Whether you’re an inveterate twitterer or fascinated by Facebook or love LinkedIn to manage your business network, it’s all highly effective. And I do have to confess to my own share of addiction to it all.

Plus it’s changed the face of marketing forever by radically overhauling the business-customer relationship so that, at last, the consumer really is able to take charge and change the perceptions not only of the businesses from which they buy, but of their customers as well.

But social media is not without its drawbacks … (more…)

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It all started with an article called “There’s more to life …” in The Sunday Times Style magazine – and it’s just carried on from there.

So this is something of a “musing” post: it’s one of those times when I’m really aware of friends, family, life and the universe – and am really thankful for what I have.

The article was triggered by a poster in (presumably London) tube stations, which promotes the benefits of camping but talks about being richer for adding “doing nothing” to the To-Do list – so you can be richer by taking time out, smelling the roses and breathing the air. (more…)

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Welcome to the world of the lemon!

On April 20, 2011, in News, by Sue

We have just launched our blog and will be writing here regularly about everything to do with communication - because that is what The Lemon Club’s all about!

We plan to talk about what’s in the news, give you an insight into some of the latest topics that are enthralling us at The Lemon Club and keep you updated with news of our members and content partners. Oh, and there might be the odd “rant” as well, given that this is the “mouthpiece” of the founders! (We promise to try to be interesting …!)

So what’s new at Club Lemon? Well the next new stuff coming up is the launch of our newsletter in May – free hints, tips and news for anyone interested in what we’re up to.  There’ll be special offers too – especially in our first one – so it would be a shame to miss out.  You can sign up for it on our website, so click here!

We’re also adding new Content Partners all the time as we bring in specialist coaches and trainers for future training sessions, like Superior Sales and Naturally Networking. You can check out our partners here.

We also have a LinkedIn group and you can follow us on Twitter – @TheLemonClub.  We hope to see you there!

We’ll be back again soon … Sally & Sue

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